There's a lot of advice about how professional artists should present themselves online if they want to be taken seriously. I should probably be paying more attention to that.

Or I could make a site that I actually enjoy.

Is this more work? Not really. Do I feel better about myself now? Yep.

1 February, 2023: NEWEST STUFF:


  • Add credits for those who appear in/assisted with/photographed some of my work (erk, sorry you guys, I meant to do that before the site went live and then I got over-excited...)
  • 3D modeling, Audio (maybe), Interior Design, and Writing in Portfolio
  • Figure out how to embed videos so I'm not relying on YouTube
  • More info/comments on Portfolio pieces
  • Parabiography Blog section
  • ALT tags on images (sorry, seeing-impaired folks, I promise I'm not ignoring you)
  • Add ridiculous Web 1.0 animated gifs
  • Site search? Meh. Maybe. Don't know if that's necessary.

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